How to participate in a Myy App Prepaid Digital Mastercard® promotion

  1. Ensure Google Pay or Apple Pay is set up on your device
  2. Scan the QR code and download Myy app
  3. Tap the promotional tile and follow the prompts to redeem

How to use your Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard® Follow the steps below to access and use your Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®.

How to add your card to your phone wallet

First, you will need to activate your card. Then you can press "Add card to wallet" in the app to add to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. If your phone is paired with an Apple Watch, you can choose to add your card to the wallet on your phone, the wallet on your watch, or both.

TIP: ensure you have installed the latest software update on your phone prior.

How to pay with your Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®

Open the card in your phone wallet

Select 'card' or 'credit/debit card' as the payment option at the register or advise the cashier.

Hold your phone over the tap and go symbol on the eftpos machine, with the screen facing up.

Follow the prompts on your phone to confirm your identity (i.e you may need to scan your finger, use face ID or other depending on your phone model).

Keep holding the phone on the eftpos machine until payment has been approved.

Please note: The Card cannot be used as a credit card and cannot be linked to any deposit account. Some merchants may not accept the Card. The Card cannot be used to obtain or redeem cash and cannot be used for making direct debit, recurring, or regular instalment payments. Authorisations may be declined at some merchants (such as gambling merchants or merchants who choose not to accept the Card). We are not liable in any way when authorisation is declined for any particular transaction, except where the authorisation has been declined because of an act or omission on our part.

How to participate if I don't have NFC on my phone

If you do not have a smartphone with access to Apple/Google Wallet, you can still register your intended venue and receive your card details within MYY App, show the card details to a friendly staff member who may be able to manually enter them into a payment terminal and be ready to spend on a cold beer at your local venue to celebrate National Local Day.

For more information about how to use your Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard click here: