Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Myy App?

A. MYY App allows you to enter competitions, receive rewards and offers from the brands you love with one touch convenience. You will no longer need need heaps of apps on your phone. MYY App will be the one app you need. Myy App also offers in-venue contactless ordering for food and beverages.

Q. Where can I find Myy App?

A. Currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for compatible devices. Simply search MYY APP.

Q. Do I need to pay for Myy App?

A. Myy is 100% Free to download. Note: To participate and collect entries or rewards in Myy there may be a requirement to purchase participating products. The contactless ordering function will require you to load into MYY App a valid Australian credit card.

Q. How does Myy App work?

A. MYY App will notify you of great offers and competitions at times that suit you. You’ll have one app that can receive all your loyalty stamps, allow you to enter competitions and promotions and all with one touch convenience. You’ll be notified when prizes are drawn, who the winners are and when to collect your loyalty rewards. Myy App also allows you to be loyal to your favourite brands wherever you are travelling and direct you to venues that sell your favourite brands. Some venues will offer contactless ordering of food and beverages through MYY App as well.

Q. Why should I use Myy App?

A. Convenience. Once you initially sign up to MYY App any entry and rewards will usually only require one touch to enter or redeem. You’ll never need to fill out entry forms or look through your wallet for a coffee card. Plus you’ll receive offer from the brands you love at times that suit you. If a participating venue offers MYY App contactless food and beverage ordering, you will also have the convenience to order from your table.

Q. Do I need to insert my credit card details?

A. MYY App requires a credit card to enable contactless food and beverage ordering.

Q. When can I use Myy App?

A. MYY App can be used when you visit any participating venue. Not all venues offer all levels of MYY App services, ie. Some participating venues may not offer contactless food and beverage ordering through MYY App.

Q. Where can I use Myy App?

A. MYY App can be used at a range of participating venues. Each offer will list the participating venues' address details and map location.

Q. Is the digital stamp compatible with my phone?

A. The digital stamp is compatible with most iPhones and Android phones that uses a factory installed multitouch screen. Please note that it may have a chance of not working with 3rd party installed screens.

Q. What if the digital stamp doesn’t work and I can’t collect my reward?

A. Venue staff will present a temporary QR code to scan via the backup scan screen. By scanning the QR code provided by venue staff members you will be able to receive your reward.

Q. Can I redeem my reward at a later date?

A. The Rewards tab of MYY App displays two sections. The “To Be Redeemed” section displays a list of rewards that can be redeemed from venue staff via Digital Stamp at a later time or date. Once redeemed the reward will move to the “Redeemed section” for historical reference. Please note: some rewards will be redeemed instantly and will not be able to be redeemed at a later date. Please check the specific activity details for further instructions on how to claim rewards.

Q. How many times I can redeem an offer?

A. Many offers listed in MYY App allow multiple redemptions until the activity closes or allocations are exhausted. Some Gift Offers have a limit of one reward per person. For further details please refer to T&Cs for each offer.

Q. What happens if Myy App stops working?

A. MYY App requires an internet connection to function. If activities do not load completely then please check your Wi-Fi connection or ensure data is enabled. If MYY App fails to load at all we recommend updating the app via App Store or uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh MYY App. If you continue to experience technical issues please contact or

Q. How do I reset my password?

A. MYY App does not use passwords for access due to security concerns. To login or register simply submit your mobile number to receive a 6-digit access code via SMS which will allow users full access to the MYY App.

Q. Why do I need to verify my mobile phone?

A. For security and authentication purposes MYY App requests you enter your mobile number upon login or registration to receive your 6-Digit access code via SMS and to minimise fake or spam accounts from being set up.

Q. Will my personal details or phone number be public?

A. MYY App respects your privacy and will never share your personal information or phone number with the public or third parties without your agreed consent. Upon login or registration with your mobile number, you will receive a 6-digit access code via SMS. Myy will only request your address details if you have won a prize that requires delivery to your specified address.

Q. Why do I need to allow notifications from Myy App?

A. With notifications enabled you can be notified if you have won a competition or if there are any offers or rewards that can be claimed in your area.